Blogger for hire

by brian d foy

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I was hopping around eBay today looking for ideas of things that I can sell, and I came across "Blogger For Hire". Okay, it's another publicity thing. Jeremy Wright is selling himself on eBay. And people are bidding on him.

In his Mondrian-styled eBay description, he points to a lot of buzz, including his FAQ, which says

To be honest, I’m doing this to raise the profile of blogging, plain and simple. Plus, being a writer as well as a consultant in a past life, I know I can help companies figure out if blogging is the right space for them to be looking at.

I think it's working. The bidding started at $100 and is up to $475. What does the lucky winner get?

This auction allows you to utilize this blogger for 3 months. He will produce between 5-10 posts a week. In addition, the blogger will work with you to see what potential there is for blogging for you and your company - in effect acting as a blogging consultant for you for the period.

Is this the hot new job title for 2005? Blog Consultant? Blog Makeup Artist? Ghost blogger? Vice President of Blogs? Guest blogger? Just think: getting paid to blog...


2004-11-29 06:13:39
Getting Paid to Blog?
Well, doing the math, we have 3-5 posts a week x 15 weeks, or 45-75 posts. Let's guess 12 minutes an item (maybe we're neglecting the hour you spend trying to think of something to say!). We're at 9 - 15 hours; add consulting time, assuming 1 hour a week and we're at 24-30 hours. Assuming the final bid roughly doubles to $900, we're at about $30/hour and 2 hours a week. Not bad for a part-time job!