Blogging OSCON 2003 from IRC

by Edd Dumbill

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I'll shortly be heading off to Portland for the href="">O'Reilly Open Source
Convention. As an aid to myself and other attendees I've set up, together
with Dave Beckett, a publicly logged and "chumped" IRC channel on, channel #oscon.

The chump bot produces a collaborative
weblog from IRC chat. We used one of these for the href="">WWW2003 community coverage site to great
effect -- participants could share URLs and comments relevant to the talk in
real time as with any chat, but the results are preserved in a web site.

It's my hope that anyone either finding or creating web pages relevant
to OSCON goings-on will drop into the channel and add their URLs to the
list. The site's also available for syndication via RSS.

I'm sure there will be many ways people will use web technology to cover the
conference, and there's probably not going to be "one true" IRC channel. I
offer this channel and service in the knowledge it'll be handy for me
personally, and the more people who want to contribute, the better!

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