Blogroll: Acegi OpenID, Wicket Roadmap

by Tim O'Brien

ACEGI Now Has OpenID Support

On the ACEGI developer list this morning, Ray Krueger announces OpenID support in ACEGI thanks to the efforts of Robin Bramley. If you don't know what OpenID is yet, learn more about it over at Also, some analysis of OpenID from Tim Bray (from Feb).

Wicket Status and Roadmap

Martijn Dashorst just created a Wicket Roadmap that shows the plans for the release of Wicket 1.3.0 and beyond. In case you haven't been following the development of Wicket, it appears that Wicket 2.0's constructor change has been voted down. It appears that Wicket team decided to take less of revolutionary approach and more of an evolutionary approach to the next release. For more explanation of the now abandoned constructor change, read this blog entry.