Blogs and RSS feeds

by Johann Gudbjargarson

Probably most readers know about how RSS feeds can save time and make it easier to follow a blog like this. For those who don't read on:

Web pages which frequently publish new content usually support RSS feeds (Really Simple Syndication, Rich Site Summary or RDF Site Summary). When a visitor subscribes to a feed via a Feed Reader, the program can check if new content has been published and therefore makes it easy to follow many pages without visiting them periodically to check for new content. Reading content with a feed reader is a similar experience to reading your mail.

When visiting a page with a RSS feed a small icon like this is displayed somewhere in the browser (in Firefox it is in the address input field on top of the page and can be clicked to subscribe): Feed1.jpgFeed2.jpg O'Reilly Digital Media site has also feed links to the right under Site Feeds.

My reader of choice is Google Reader which is web based and there are many other good readers out there.

I therefore encourage readers to check it out and publish to this or other pages which are visited regularly, it saves so much time and gives better overview.