Blogs, Blogs, and More Blogs!

by Ming Chow

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Last week, I was interviewed by an editor of the Tufts University daily newspaper, the Tufts Daily, about phenomenon known as blogs. The interview questions I received were very good questions:

  • How long have you been writing weblogs? How did you learn about blogs and how did you get involved in writing them? What do you write about?

  • Do you believe the way people receive news has been changing over the past couple of years? Why do you think some people have turned to blogs or the internet for news?

  • What do you feel are the pros/cons of receiving news from a blog? How reliable are they?

And the interview wouldn't be complete without that most important question:

  • What do you feel are the pros/cons of receiving news from a blog? How reliable are they?

The article was published back on Thursday. The article couldn't have come on more better and coincidential timing because yesterday, there was a national feature about the ethical concerns in blogs. Many of the points raised in the latter article coincides with my comments in the Tufts Daily, and it goes into the question of credibility in greater depth.

Finally, there is a new blog-publishing website called Ready, Set, BLOG!. It is created and maintained by the same creator of the GMail4Troops website, Drew Olanoff. One of the differences between Ready, Set, BLOG! and Blogger is the community features. For example, you can view the last visitors to your blog, then you can
visit them and so on. There's top blogs of the day based on
nominations, plus many other features.

But from all of this, it is very apparent that blogs are becoming mainstream, important to our daily communications, and as a source of information to the critical mass.

(Special thanks to Tufts Daily editor Stephanie Christofides for putting together to article, and for finding me on, where else, on the O'Reilly Network)