Blosxom CPU usage problem

by Juliet Kemp

My webserver has been playing up of late - tending to hang. top showed some blosxom.cgi processes that had been running for some time and were using up large chunks of CPU (up to 100% occasionally). Killing these didn't resolve the problem permanently, so I looked further.

Apparently there was (at least at some point) a problem with the Calendar plugin. I edited in this fix which resolved things. (It also showed up in the logs, so it does seem that that was the issue.)

In fact, when I contacted the blosxom-using user, it transpired that he was in fact no longer a blosxom-using user (it was a leftover from an earlier experiment), so we deleted the lot. It would appear that the hammering the webserver was taking was from some Russian machine - possibly looking for an exploit?