by Chris Adamson

I maintain a certain fascination with Blu-Ray, against my better judgement, and this blog is an attempt to pull many thoughts and facts together. It starts with Dragon's Lair... because these things always start with Dragon's Lair.


Chris Adamson
2007-06-09 16:13:04

So, I had a couple followup thoughts I wanted to add (I think it's only fair to add them as comments rather than edit the blog that people may have already read, responded to, etc.)

I got an IM wondering about my ambivalence towards Blu-Ray, considering how hard I slammed it last JavaOne, and my concern about its business model. I guess what swayed me somewhat is that the people at this JavaOne were at least saying the right things about acknowledging the need to reach out to developers if they want to have any working on their platform. After all, there's still immense demand for Java developers, and there aren't that many who are familiar with media concerns, or working in constrained environments. So if you don't make it easy for developers to write for your platform, there are a million other gigs they can take. It seems like the Blu-Ray people have figured this out, and because interactivity is the one truly unique thing about their platform, they do seem to want to find a way to enfranchise indie developers somehow. Of course, SDK's talk louder than words, but it's a lot better than last year's message.

Also, I thought of another app that would move some SKU's. Actually, I thought of this during my AFK weeks and I'm kicking myself for not remembering it. Take the movie Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, which has already had two DVD releases. Only two? You can get more money out of FF fans than that. So, port the engine from the mobile phone RPG Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII and use it to develop a short (1-2 hours would be plenty) RPG set in and around the events of Advent Children. Or just throw in Before Crisis itself, as it's never gotten a release outside of Japan. 2D sprite RPG's should be well within BD-J's abilities, and would be more compelling content than simplistic arcade games like Chicken Little's Space Invaders clone. I'll bet you could get a bunch of us FF zombies to buy the damn movie again.

Chris Adamson
2007-06-09 16:21:56
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2007-09-12 21:38:21
Some interesting points, although you've got HD dvd all wrong, Blu-ray is copying the already available on HD DVD spacial features. Almost every point you mak has been done by HDi.

Still thanks for the post