Blue Screen of Death Shuts Down Self Service Grocery Checkout Isle

by Noah Gift

I happen to enjoy going to a local grocery store that employs self service checkout. I find it very convenient to get a few items this way. This morning I went to get a few bottles of water, and some coffee, but was a little surprised to see this:

Since, I don't use Windows in my household, it has been quite some time since I have seen a Blue Screen of Death, and it brought back some painful memories. This was kind of funny so I thought I would share it. (By the way, I snuck this photo on my iPhone).

It does bring the question to mind though, where are all of the OS X, and GNU/Linux, kiosks? I think Beryl or Cocoa both make very nice looking kiosks. I know I would probably use a grocery store just because it had a Linux or OS X kiosk. Anyone working on something like this?


2007-11-03 19:09:09
Head in the sand much? OS X has iEgg on the face recently with BSOD and you post this? Also no one iCares what was used to sneak the photo in particular an iPhone because it's well known to have a comparatively poor camera Pls get an iClue and actually due some iResearch and compare the number publicly released security fixes for Vista, Linux and OS X.
2007-11-03 21:37:34
I am amazed at the number of businesses that use Microshaft software in the workplace. They put up with buggy, unstable software, extortive licensing fees, overly expensive technical support when something goes wrong, and then act offended when you suggest something better for them.

I am also amazed at the hubris of self-important assholes like fanboybountyhunter who come in from nowhere and spew for no other reason than their own self gratification. Don't these juvenile delinquents masturbate anymore?

Kevin Mark
2007-11-03 23:00:20
Now imagine that you saw that on an electronic voting machine...
Saint Aardvark
2007-11-05 12:31:08
I live in Vancouver, BC. There's a local (well, BC and Alberta) chain of low-cost department stores called Army & Navy. If you look at the POS kiosks, they're using IceWM plus some kind of cash register-type application. No idea if it's custom or not.
Ken Weinert
2007-11-06 09:39:49
It's more and more often that the pumps at the local Safeway (supermarket chain) gas station have some sort of BSOD or "Can't connect" message on the IE display. Luckily the pumps still operate even though you can't see their adverts running.
2007-11-07 05:25:18

You are funny!

2007-11-12 07:25:24
fanboybountyhunter: given your spelling and grammar, the only message you are really sending is "only ignorant people like Windows".