Blu-Ray is pissing me off. Again.

by Chris Adamson

Memo to Sun/Sony/Philips: if you're talking to developers and you don't have an SDK, then what's the damn point?


2006-05-18 09:31:44
What I'm wondering is, do endcustomers (aka consumers) actually _want_ all the 'content' made possible by BD-J? Or would the majority rather just watch the movies without having to suffer through warnings, advertisements, trailers, and silly gimmicks?
Chris Adamson
2006-05-18 09:43:10
Fair enough, but when BD-J was first announced a year or two ago, some people pointed out to me the possibility of using Blu-Ray as a general-purpose Java ME delivery system. With a tight standard, unlike phones, you could potentially deliver arbitrary applications to unconnected end users by mailing out discs. I can certainly see the appeal to, say, car makers, who could send out a disc with a snazzy "Build Your 2008 Mazda Minivan" application, using the optional internet connectivity to let you order the damn car from your TV, or Disney sending out a disc of HD video of all the rides at Disney World, offering an interactive trip planner and booking your travel, etc., all through the TV. In the session, they noted that the interactive TV German version of "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" actually sends a small Java ME web browser to the set-tops for playing along with the game. Granted, there's great potential for abuse -- movies forcing you through the online gift shop when they're done -- but also potential for neat stuff. But my fear is that its going to be another locked-down box of suck, like the PSP.
Peter Torr
2006-05-18 10:09:30
Contrast this to HD DVD, which has free (beta) authoring tool available from Microsoft. You can use Visual Studio to create XML and ECMAScript, and then run it all inside the simulator.

Windows only, I'm afraid.

2006-05-18 11:48:34
You would think with a company like Apple on board, getting the cross platform resources wouldn't be a problem. In fact I would have guessed that the SDK would be cross-platform right from the start?
2006-05-19 06:07:52
The current TV/DVD landscape shows that the actual implementation of technology like this will be to give your children "one-click" shopping for the toys cross-marketed with the movie they are about to watch for the fifth time, "sing-alongs" with American Idol, and subscriptions to have new "actresses" appear periodically in that BD-J porn movie you just bought.

Lars is right - all I want is to be able to skip the ads, trailers, and other crap that consume the first 30 minutes of every disc I've bought recently. An interactive BD-J encyclopedia or history series that automatically gets updated content from the Internet would be awesome, but I just don't see it happening.

Blu-ray Movies
2006-11-22 17:43:18
I can see why you are angry. But I still love Blu-ray.
2007-05-03 00:29:49
Looks like Blu-Ray players are not even ready ! Check that out:
2007-09-13 11:49:01
my whole internet is pissing me off it so slow
Michael Cook
2007-10-05 13:45:04
Hi Chris,

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2008-03-22 12:05:52
All I can say is you've got to see how low prices are getting even on new release Bly-Rays...
2008-07-07 16:56:10
good luck,