BMC's open source architect

by Andy Oram

William Hurley first got in touch with me many years ago, not to promote one of his own projects, but to set me up with some of his colleagues to write about network security. Later, he got involved in several open source ventures in networking.

So William is both an innovator and a facilitator. He's willing to lend his expertise wherever there's a good chance someone can make a difference in an area he cares about. And he definitely cares about open source.

Now he's chief architect for BMC's open source strategy. As he points out in a podcast, this position is an important step for BMC, but only one of several.

In the free software world, we're getting used to companies putting money and support behind the software. This doesn't diminish the importance of the individual zealot. Individual zealots are the source of many new tools, and the genius of free software is the ease with which it allows someone to introduce a new idea and then let larger institutions amplify it.

With William at BMC, I can be confident that this large company will not only continue to contribute to open source, but will maintain strong community bonds so the route from individual innovation to large-scale adoption remains pothole-free.