Bold Claims from Apple

by James Duncan Davidson

Over the last few days, Apple's website has been making some bold statements about what is coming up for MacWorld next week.

Monday: "This one is big. Even by our standards."

Tuesday: "Count the days. Count the minutes. Count on being blown away."

Today: "Beyond the rumor sites. Way beyond."

This last claim is interesting as the rumor sites have been talking about some pretty far out stuff over the last few months -- and then have mostly gone curiously quiet.

As much as I am trying to resist getting worked up over this, I find myself looking forward to next Monday in much the same way that my little nieces and nephews look forward to Christmas every year.

So, what's coming? At this point it's anybody's guess. I just hope that it's big enough to justify this amount of hype from Apple. After all, there were lots of disappointed people at last year's MacWorld New York. Apple can't afford to make these kind of statements without having a bold set of product introductions.

So, if it's beyond the rumor sites, it's got to be something good. What do you think is coming?


2002-01-02 23:37:19
So I couldn't resist... :-/

Apple devotees LOVE a good fairytale -- and here's mine.

A flat panel, in size somewhere between a Palm and and that of my 12.1" diagonal iBook display. As for brains, we're not talking TabletPC here; just enough to power a remote desktop client a la X/VNC/Timbuktu. OS X and something Graffiti-ish. 802.11b wireless networking provides the link between the iPad (yes, I said iPad) and any networked Macintosh -- whether a peer-to-peer ad hoc network or Internet away.

2002-01-03 12:25:48
Must be a Digital Lifestyle device
My guess is that Apple's going to announce a family of 'convergence' products, something along the lines of what some were expecting when the iPod was announced. Probably some sort of TV/Mac/game console/CD-RW/DVD combo. Wouldn't it be neat if Apple came out with a GameCube iMac DVD player!!!
2003-01-02 17:26:39
Rumour Site
I heard rightly or wrongly that AMD & Apple were going to make a joint announcement at this years MacShow
If its mind boggling announcement, then it may have something to do with Apples new Hammer Processor/Chipset.
Nah dream on, more likely 'Apple to adopt next generation PowerPc from IBM'. Safe bet?


2006-02-27 07:03:00
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