Bonanza for Mac Photographers

by Derrick Story


It's going to be rocking in Germany today. Adobe already announced the release of Lightroom Beta 4 at Photokina. Mac users should like this new version; it has lots of new features including a fantastic Develop module. You can download Beta 4 now.

Then, at 4:30 pm in Cologne, Apple will make their big photography announcement. Most folks think this will be an updated version of Aperture. Apple has been working very hard on new features and performance improvements, and I'd bet money that what we'll see today will be impressive.

The upshot for Mac photographers is not one, but two new applications to play with. Both are outstanding.

Keep in mind however, Lightroom is still under development itself. And the team has been very candid about the fact that things will change between the betas and final release. So don't get too married to features, and keep in mind that work you do in the beta version may not carry over to the final release -- Beta 4 included. This is for testing and enjoyment only.

Aperture, on the other hand, is really starting to hit its stride. And by comparison, Apple's product is much more mature and reliable. My approach now is to use Aperture for my daily work and test the new versions of Lightroom as they are available.

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2006-09-25 10:29:32
Apple has just announced Aperture 1.5 at Photokina. There are some great new features, including the ability to reference images files not contained in the Aperture library. You can see a nice overview here:

And you also might want to read Ben Long's first look on Creative Pro: