Bonjour for Windows

by brian d foy

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I had to fire up my Windows box today, and I wanted to get some files off of my Mac. That's not a big deal because they can see each other on the network, but from Windows I need to know the IP number of the machine I want it to look at.

I don't do anything fancy to give names to my machines on the home network since most of them are Macs and find out about each other through Bonjour. Since my main Mac is called "buster", from other Macs I get to it as "buster.local" whereever I need a host name. It's all very nice and happens without me thinking about it.

I figured someone had probably made this available for Windows, and indeed, Apple has Bonjour for Windows. Now my Windows box is a bit more useful. Thanks Apple!


2006-01-19 05:04:34
Shameless plug
I had the pleasure of co-writing a book on Bonjour for O'Reilly with its architect Stuart Cheshire. Stuart created a beautiful technology and limited it to clearly defined tasks instead of letting it bloat to try to take over the world. As a shameless plug, check out Zero Configuration Networking: the definitive guide ( for details on the different APIs and a lengthy description of each of the legs.