Bonsoir - Social Intelligence Gathering

by Oliver Breidenbach

Another of these very obvious ideas that nobody has thought of implementing before: Bonsoir by R. Tyler Ballance at Bleepsoft:

"Bonsoir takes advantage of Cocoa Distributed Objects, Bonjour, and the Address Book API for allowing the quick and easy sharing of vCards on a local network. The basic idea was that everybody could grab Bonsoir here at BarCampTexas, select their vCards, and we could all add each other (into Address Book) to help keep in touch for the next BarCamp, etc."

I think it nicely complements SubEthaEdit as a social networking tool at conferences. A tool to automatically grab profile and contact information of participants should be integral part of any collaboration application.


2006-10-03 11:13:57
If you decide to use this program, you should make sure you are aware of the security hole in the application as of version 1.0.1. An attacker can write to any file that you have permissions to. I did a presentation on it at a recent AHA meeting. Here's the meeting page, with links to the exploit, a patch, and an explanation of the vulnerability. Bleepsoft has been notified of the problem.

R. Tyler Ballance
2006-10-04 11:56:29
Gammah, you silly goose. As the ZIP file linked in the blog post is the only really "released" link to the application, I've updated it with the patch (the source as well if I remember correctly)