Book proposal

by Rael Dornfest

Acknowledgments are usually the last thing anyone reads in a book, particularly a technical one. I myself never used to read the acks until I started publishing them. Now they're one of the first bits I turn to, finding them at the very least interesting, often funny, very often geeky, and occasionally rather warm and heartfelt. I was thrilled therefore (colour me romantic) to run across the following in Dave Neilsen's PayPal Hacks acknowledgments:

I'd like to thank ... and Erika, my inspiration, who makes me smile every day. Erika, I feel so lucky to have found you. With you, every day is beautiful and new. Nothing would make me happier than to spend the rest of my life with you...Erika Anderson, will you marry me?

I sought out Dave at last weekend's Foo Camp, just itching to know whether his lady love had yet seen and responded to the proposal. She had not, but he had a little something in mind:

As many of you know, PayPal Hacks was released the first night of Foo Camp. Last night (9/15/04) I took Erika to dinner at the newly remodeled Cliff House (SF) to celebrate the books release. The clear sky and ocean seemed to surround us at our table by the window. Just after a beautiful sunset and before desert, I read Erika the acknowledgements section of the book (see book for marriage proposal). As I finished, I got down on one knee and proposed. She was caught completely by surprise. But somehow, in front of the entire restaurant and with a big smile, Erika said ... "Yes!" - So thank you O'Reilly, you have most certainly helped to change my life! - DaveNielsen, enganged co-author of PayPal Hacks

Best wishes to Dave and Erika!


2004-09-19 00:00:18
Acknowledgements and Marriage
I just finished writing an Acknowledgements section in which my fiance appears with her soon to be married name. Although, if I had been proposing I would have proposed in a code sample.

2004-09-30 13:10:45
Re: Proposal
We recently did a fun proposal for a fan of ours... in comic form.

You can find it here. :-)