Bookmark navigation as linking application

by Bob DuCharme

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Bookmarks are an interesting class
of links, because they're the most personal, and if we consider Vannevar
Bush's "trails" to be bookmarks—or at least, a bookmark-based application—they've been part of the hypertext vision
since the beginning. The developers of the Mozilla add-on Mozwho realized that a cascading series of menus doesn't have to be the only application to build around a bookmark collection, so they developed a new interface to it. Once you click on the link on that installs Mozwho, going to the URI chrome://mozwho/content/bookmarks.html takes you to the "Mozwho bookmarks portal," a hierarchical series of pages that let you navigate your bookmarks. It includes a search feature that displays a report showing the links that had the search string in their title and how many of these titles were in each folder that had any hits.

Their long range goal is "to provide an adaptive homepage, customized both to you and to what your doing at the time - intertwingling multiple sources of information: rss, bookmarks, history, email." The project's weblog calls it "solidifying vaporware," but they're too modest. It already does some cool stuff well, and I look forward to their further work.

I also look forward to playing with other linking applications developed around Mozilla and Firebird. The long lists of Mozdev projects and Firebird extensions have proved that an open source approach provides a great platform for innovation, and linking technology is a clear beneficiary. I'll let you know which other ones catch my eye.

What other interesting linking applications have been built around open-source browsers?