Boot Camp and Tomb Raider: Legends

by Kevin Hemenway

With Boot Camp and Windows XP running fine on my MacBook Pro 2GHz, the next step was testing out a recent game. Before I ran out and dropped some hard-earned money on, say, Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion, I headed over to to look for a demo of something "worthy". I found that in the Tomb Raider: Legend demo - not that I expected it to be a "worthy" play, but because it was new and, presumably, graphically demanding.

Now, realize I am a console gamer (and occasionally OS X) and by no means a mastah of Windows tweakage of any kind. With that said, the Tomb Raider: Legend demo ran jim-dandily under Windows XP on my MBP, defaulting to a resolution of 640x480. Gameplay was fluid, immediate, and didn't "look" bad. The real test was enabling every "gee whiz" graphics feature, increasing the resolution all the way up, and enabling widescreen. I can report that, with a maximum resolution of 1440x900, the game continued to run nicely with a refresh rate of 60hz (the only option available). I have a nagging feeling that 1360x768, the next highest resolution, "feels" better, though I lack the technical terms and know-how to describe it accurately (if I were to try, I'd say that it felt like frames were dropping and that movement didn't seem as "smooth", even though there were no actual hiccups of play).

Satisifed at my little test, I'm heading out today to pick up Oblivion and possibly Dungeon Siege II.

Besides games, some other notes:

  • There is no right click emulation under Windows XP. While you can certainly continue to do everything you need to do, if you'd like to do it faster, you should consider an external mouse. The Logitech USB mouse I use on my primary Mac worked immediately when plugged into Windows.

  • The Delete key on the laptop seems to actually be a Backspace key - thus, you have no ability to Ctrl-Alt-Del (which can be important if you need to login) or to enable Lara Croft's flashlight. The project has already reported on this, and a workaround: ... go to Start: Run. Enter remapkey. A nice GUI utility pops up to let you remap keys on your keyboard. You can use it to remap the delete key. I recommend using the Right Windows key (Right Command on MacBook Pro keyboards). After saving, reboot and you'll be able to use Ctrl-Alt-(Right Command) to do a Ctrl-Alt-Delete and logon to Windows domains and other useful things. I've not actually done this yet.

  • My wireless Airport connection seems flaky - besides not being able to use WEP, it seems to connect for 10 minutes, drop out for a minute or so, reconnect, ad infinitum. This isn't that big of a deal for an offline gaming experience, but not so much if I wanted to play City of Heroes (I do). I haven't tested a regular wired connection. Anyone else seeing this? It doesn't happen when I'm booted into OS X.

  • After Windows XP installation, updates, and the TRL demo, I have 20 GB remaining of my 25 GB partition. Not knowing the regular install sizes of Windows games, should that be alright? I don't expect to be running 30 games at once, but I do expect to be downloading user-created mods and so forth.

More on the Oblivion install later.


2006-04-07 18:18:29
There is no right click emulation under Windows XP.

But right-click with Mighty Mouse seems to work.


2006-04-08 00:19:05
The connect/disconnect problem is a common one in XP. Simply remove any other base station names from the list which XP uses to connect to. I did that on my gf's toshiba and it doesn't do it anymore.
James Shiell
2006-04-08 03:18:46
FYI, WiFi under XP has always been somewhat flakey. The standard fix is to use the vendor supplied WiFi software rather than the Windows zero-conf service, but I imagine that isn't possible here. I never managed to solve it on my games machine with XP SP2, although XP x64 works a treat. Go figure =(
2006-04-08 03:29:23
Yeah , really smart . Go buy Oblivion & Dungeon Siege 2 , make sure their be no Mac ports of em.

Or don't buy them & wait for a Mac port , maybe send a mail to the makers asking about a Mac port.

Bootcamp the Mac gamer killer , is that what you want. go buy DS 2 now from M$ instead of waitin' to buy from Aspyr. Aspyr , eo sales will drop & they will discontinue Mac games

My advice to Mac users , despite of bootcamp & XP on intelMac , DON'T buy PC(Windows) games.

Bootcamp only exist for those stuburn Applications like Autocad who wont let themselfs be ported to Mac.

PS ; maybe you was planning on buying a pecee version now & later when it's out the Mac ports ( well jeez you must have emough $$ then , but then i could say it's okay)

2006-04-09 02:27:57
I'd like to chime in with the other posters here - XP has quite flakey support for WiFi, but it seems to be mostly a problem of notifications - it will often show the "disconnected" icon, but appear to be connected in reality anway. Also, I have found that it there is a firewall issue, it will give the wrong error message, e.g. "signal is very weak" etc. In general, you should ignore the notifications and check to see if you can access a web page wirelessly.

As for purchasing mac vs pc games - There are several companies that have clearly stated that no Mac version will ever be made (Valve & Half-Life 1/2 comes to mind), in spite many years pestering by mac users. I would just go ahead and buy them (Half-Life 2 is probably one of the nicest FPS ever made...)
I can't see how purchasing a PC Version of the game will push developers not to port these to the mac anyway, as they will have no way of checking that you have OSX installed on your system.

2006-04-15 16:19:31
to reply to the previous post regarding the mac vs pc thing, whilst they might not be able to tell whether you run osx or not, which they likely can anyway, they will know from sales what sells and what does not, and so when the sales of mac games begin to decline because lazy people are simply using a horrifying windows installation on a mac machine (does it not make you feel dirty....?) less mac ports will be made because of costs and eventually in order to play the games we want we will all be forced to give in to the dull start menu monster and its blue interface, or at the very least bother to install linux and run the emulation software.
but whatever right....
2006-10-30 05:36:12
Under Boot Camp beta 1.1.1 you can right click in XP if you hold down the right Apple key and then click (took me a while to find this online!). Hope it helps someone out there...
2007-04-04 09:40:43
are u a blonde ?
2007-09-29 22:40:13
Can anyone help - i have downloaded all 29 files and extracted in the same folder then extracted the files from htd-tray now when i try to run it gives me message

“no disc inserted.
Please insert the original “TombRaider-A” CD/DVD.
Please have a look at for further, more detailed information.”

Cananyone help me please?
please give me a mail if possible step by step how do i go as it took one months patience for me to download please help……….

2007-10-02 22:22:02
If you still haven't found out, the right click is 2 fingers on the trackpad and click the button.