Borland is the Switzerland of developer tools at BorCon

by Steve Anglin

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O'Reilly Network contributor Andy Patrizio reports on Borland's developer conference (BorCon), held down in Anaheim, CA this week. According to Andy, "...Borland, which sees itself as the Switzerland of developer tools, plays in all markets, and plans to support Microsoft's
.NET platform."

So, in the spirit of this neutrality, Borland invited one of Java's founding fathers, Sun Fellow James Gosling, and a C# pioneer, Microsoft Chief (.NET) Architect Anders Hejlsberg, to its conference. According to Andy, James talk was retro. Surprisingly, James did not talk about Web services for Java, the Java API for XML (JAX) Pack and more. Anders talked about Web services and the new CLR, which is out to break the limitations of the past by offering interoperability of objects. Read more for details in his report.

Overall, it sounds like Borland wants to be the programming interoperability solutions provider and bridge between Java and .NET and Web services, just as it has before with Java and CORBA and more. It also appears that Borland is positioned to support Windows developers with a combination of tools: Delphi (with .NET support), C++Builder and JBuilder. I wouldn't be surprised if Borland even considers a C#Builder IDE, sometime in the future. Interesting, this is happening after Borland announced or hinted that they would no longer support Windows developers and/or environment going forward at a recent LinuxWorld. Or perhaps, they were just referring to the Win APIs, and not .NET. I guess they see the potential revenue that .NET can generate for them.

Anyway, it sounds like an interesting conference and a good time.