Borland's Galileo explores .NET and Java

by Steve Anglin

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According to CNET's Wylie Wong: "Borland's suite of tools, code-named Galileo, will be positioned to compete against Microsoft's popular Visual Studio .NET tool suite, said Ted Shelton, Borland's chief strategy officer. The Galileo bundle, set to debut early next year, will include a new version of Delphi, Borland's key development tool, and other languages that have yet to be announced, Shelton said."

Look for Galileo to also include JBuilder or Java IDE tools, in addition to .NET tools for C#, Visual Basic .NET, ASP.NET, ADO.NET and more.

Some may say that Borland doesn't have a chance to compete with Microsoft. Remember, though, Borland will also have a partnership with BEA Systems, as announced two weeks ago. And BEA Systems will likely have the backing of HP, given HP's interest in bundling BEA software and middleware with its servers.

What do you think of Borland's chances against Microsoft?


2002-09-13 10:09:07
Borland and .NET
Borland tools have always been the prefered for enterprise developers thanks to the way they view RAD development. If Borland is able to make a tool as good as Delphi to write .NET applications, the company will survive. One of the main things they have to do well is their aproach to ASP.NET development implementation, the partial third-party solution that comes with Delphi 7 does not share much armony with the rest of the enviroment.
2002-09-15 04:08:04
They have....
Regarding the previous message. There is already a tool as good (actually much better) than Delphi for .NET development.

In fact it was built by many ex-borland Engineers.

If you are interested in is, either buy a copy or order the 60-day trial.

The product is called Microsoft Visual Studio .NET