BOSE QC3 Commercial

by David A. Chappell

A number of folks around the country have been asking me recently "Did I see you in a BOSE headphone commercial?". In case you too were wondering, the answer is yes. There's a TV commercial for the BOSE Quiet Comfort 3" headphones that is currently airing nationally which contains a number of customer testimonials. I have a very small part in there where I talk about how much I like the headphones. The commercial has been airing for about a month now. I have not seen it yet myself on TV, but I get regular calls an emails from folks who have. One of the Progress field engineers who is based in Texas saw it during the World Cup finals. I even got a call from David Linthicum last week who saw it on his big screen TV in Reston VA.

I bought the QC2 headphones a couple of years ago, and I filled out the registration card and sent it in. I guess it pays to send those things in! They picked me out of their database and called me one night at home and asked me if I wanted to be in a commercial. I almost hung up on them thinking it was some kind of telemarketer scam.

The whole commercial was filmed over a 5 day period over different locations. For the part that I was in, they rented out a small nearby airport for a Saturday to film the customer testimonials. They put me in a room and had me try out the new headphones, then they put me on camera and asked me a series of questions about how I liked them. In the end I got a 2 second clip where I'm saying that the headphones are "extremely comfortable". Well that's show biz I guess :)

They rewarded me with a pair of the QC3 headphones for doing the commercial. They're much smaller than the QC2 which means they fit in your laptop bag much easier when you are traveling. The sound quality and noise reduction is also better IMO. They have a new design, which is to fit just over the surface of the ear rather than cupping around it. And they are, btw, "extremely comfortable" :)


David A. Chappell
2007-04-12 10:30:58
fuck you nagger
2007-08-15 21:14:14
That's awesome man! Congrats!