BrainShare Day One

by Niel M. Bornstein

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Not every Novell employee gets to go to BrainShare, and I appreciate the opportunity as a new employee to come and learn. Herewith, my impressions of the first day.

The overall production is top-notch. It's obvious that Novell continues to pour marketing dollars into the conference, now in its 21st year. They keynote had the requisite amounts of flashing lights and some technological whiz..

Linux is everywhere. From Novell Linux Desktop to SLES 9 to Open Enterprise Server, Linux is on everyone's minds.

The hall is saturated with wireless. I've gotten a rock-solid connection everywhere I've looked for one. Other conferences could certainly benefit from this kind of wifi saturation.

The food is great. Abundant choices in copious amounts, and it can't be easy to feed 6,000 hungry geeks twice a day.

The attendees are top-notch. At my Birds of a Feather session last night on choosing between J2EE, .NET, and Mono in service-oriented architectures, the small crowd really got into the discussion. It made our jobs easier as moderaters, and I think everyone came away from the session with a better understanding of the issues involved.

It's easy to see why BrainShare has been the premiere event for Novell customers for over twenty years. If this year's version is any guide, it will continue to be a great event for everyone involved for years to come.

What have you seen at BrainShare?