Brave new world for Mozilla

by Dion Almaer

It seems to be a brave new world for Mozilla. They launched the new non-profit group "The Mozilla Foundation". AOL laid off 50 employees from the Netscape division, but some are said to have been re-hired by the foundation. What does AOL want with Mozilla? Anything? They did give the foundation 2 million to go on. Mozilla has had fits and starts, but things were looking better on the tech front (Firebird is cool). Is there a place for it?

There is always room for multiple browsers. Instead of consilidation to just IE and Netscape, we now have more than ever (Mozilla, Opera, Safari, OmniWeb, etc).

One reason that I like to try out new browsers, is that I want to see some innovation. It doesn't seem like much has changed in the last few years, and we are bound to get a leap (which could reel in IE). Also, I am getting BORED. That is why I try Mozilla, and that is why I am getting a Mac. I want to try something new. We as developers are a bit different I guess.... we spend FAR too much time at a computer... so we probably get bored quicker than others :)

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