Brazil's free software forum: background and arrival

by Andy Oram

Brazil, when it comes to IT development, suffers more than nearly any other country from a gap between aspiration and capability. A huge number of talented developers want to contribute to the world's software, and to their own country's development, but they're hampered by difficulties of obtaining hardware, software, and (of particular interest to me as an editor) documentation.

I'm here in Brazil right now--the relatively affluent town and tourist mecca of Porto Alegre, to be precise--for a software conference expected to draw six thousand attendees. It's the seventh free software forum, an event supported by a lot of companies and several key government ministries in Brazil. A full-time staff person organizes the conference for the NGO that started it, and a lot of people I respect in the free software field come to it regularly from around the world.


E. Caldwell
2006-05-11 16:13:40
Is there anything extraordinary about computer software in Brazil, that really isn't a norm anywhere else?
2008-03-17 06:48:19
Great article (specially because I'm a Brazilian developer). About you talk in the conference, I think you can use a legitimate Brazilian experience from JEDI (Java Education and Development Initiative). The Distrito Federal JUG (DFJUG) is working to translate English Java open-course to Portuguese using hundreds of volunteers to translate and review these material. It's quite possible that some people involved in these project attend the conference. Take a look at: (portuguese only)