Brazil's free software forum: cooperative is more than an attitude

by Andy Oram

Yesterday I arrived in Porto Alegre, in the South of Brazil, and introduced my readers to the Fórum Internacional Software Livre. At that time I had met some of the animals but had not yet attended the circus. Today I experienced the full excitement of being with thousands of people with many different interests: free software developers, students, government leaders, and more. I estimated a full two thousand people in today's keynote presentation, which featured a range of government leaders and a little video in which the Brazilian national anthem was played by a variety of musicians from different regions and ethnic backgrounds.

I attended a few talks in English--which were quite good--but mostly got taken around by colleagues to meet interesting folks in the Brazilian free software community. I also learned more about the state of documentation and the need for new models here.


2006-05-05 21:29:06
Bitdefender 8 comes with weaterbug trojan installed inside so that you will have to keep it in quarantine
2006-11-04 05:02:25
BitDefender v10 has been released including: Anti-Rootkit.
Plz join their homepage and their Forum.
Need to be registered to post there and found all info: