Brazil's free software forum: to the favelas

by Andy Oram

I came to Brazil to deliver a presentation on documentation. But I quickly realized, after the organizers accepted my proposal, that I would come here to learn as much as to teach. I am concerned broadly with the information needs of Brazilian computer users, administrators, and programmers--and I want to understand deeply what the needs and opportunities for documentation here are. In short, I've come for information about information about information technology.

As it turns out, education is also the goal of the One Laptop Per Child project, which had a strong presence here. (Project Athena and X Window System pioneer Jim Gettys came to promote it--just one of the many luminaries from North American who made the long journey down to show up at this conference.)


Jose Nunez Zuleta
2006-04-21 09:22:20
It would be very interesting if you could talk a little bit about Venezuela and Open Source; The Goverment is porposing a new law called "Decreto 3390" which implies than all the public offices should migrate (where is possible) to Open Source software in 3 years. Saddly 1.5 years have passed and there is a lot on issues with the migration plan (like disputes if RedHat, IBM and Sun with Java should be excluded at all from the Migration effors).

I wrote a small post on my blog (sorry %100 spanish but I guess you can learn that besides Portuguese :)) which explains in some detail the situation, this maybe will give you the base for future articules not only about Brasil but other countries in South America. Venezuela case is very interesting as it is a country with only 25 million people, rich in oil, deeply divided by economical and political problems and to the credit of the current goverment it is the first one that proposes the usage of open software as an alternative (but execution has been deeply flawed).

Good post, enjoyed it a lot :)