Brian's Book - A Phone Book of Sorts

by Brian McConnell

This week I am taking the covers off a hobby/side project I've been working on. I thought it would be interesting to combine the idea of a traditional phone book or local guide with a wiki. I've lived in San Francisco for about 12 years now. It's an amazing place full of interesting people and history, much of which goes undocumented. Some things even tourists know about. Others are the very definition of ephemeral.

Brian's Book (formally known as the McConnell Telephone & Telegraph Co. Local Encyclopedia & Social Register), seeks to remedy this situation somewhat by creating a wiki for people to document the places, people and history of greater San Francisco. Think of it as a scrapbook for a metropolis. I decided to put this out there and see if the idea resonates with people. I am doing this as a hobby and have no intention of turning this into a business. So if you like the idea, pass the word along to people who'd enjoy contributing to it, especially people who have some interesting history to share (whether its a dissertation about the history of a structure, or some anecdotes about a band that was once big here).