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by Rob Flickenger

Hey, kids! What time is it?

It's time for the August '03 installment of href="">SeattleWireless TV!

(Disclaimer: I'm biased this month, since it features an interview with
yours truly, as well as an insane remote controlled helicopter with wireless
video feed
by Risto Kõiva , some stuff from href="">PersonalTelco, and a review of some new
wireless gear.)

If you haven't seen it yet, go check it out right now. It's an entertaining half hour of wacky wireless escapades.

Produced by Peter Yorke and Michael Pierce, SeattleWireless TV is a perfect example of the kind of locally produced and
distributed content I want to see flourish on href="">Wireless
Community Networks. Imagine a network where free public domain archival
content (like Project Gutenberg, the href="">great stuff at href="">, and various href="">music href=""> archive href="">projects) is
combined with work that people are currently producing and releasing under
CreativeCommons or other
public-friendly licenses (like Monotonik,
Source Audio, and href="">others). These can be
served from local caches, at very high speed, for practically no cost. In a
FreeNetwork, this content can be sent clear
across town at many times the speed of the average Internet connection.

This is the antithesis of a global multinational media conglomorate, and
will be much more accessible (not to mention interactive) than Cable Access
channels. As a "consumer", I want on-demand, high quality, and wherever
possible, locally produced content that doesn't introduce Yet Another
Monthly Bill, and preferably doesn't even require an Internet connection.
As an artist, I want a venue for the stuff I produce that doesn't require
me to relenquish my rights as an artist to enjoy a wide distribution. This
idea is perfectly illustrated by municipal free network projects like href="">SeattleWireless (which builds the
pipes), and SeattleWireless TV
(which helps to fill them).

You've got the phonecams, digital cameras, and DV cams. You've got
cheap hard drives and file servers. You've got fast wireless pipes, open
standards, and open protocols. Let's build the network that will make the
consume-only, advertising ridden, intellectual property hogging television
and radio networks obsolete! Forget "Rip, Mix, Burn." Invent! Build!

And for inspiration, go see what href="">SeattleWireless TV is up to.

*** Update 8/22/03***

Due to the inevitable Slashdot, the main server is a bit bogged. I've set up a Bit torrent for the MPG, if you're having trouble getting through.

Do you produce and distribute your own content? Where can it be found?