Browsing WWDC session details

by Giles Turnbull

The list of WWDC sessions is up, and here are some of the ones that caught my eye:

Discovering Wiki and Group Services in Leopard Server

Leopard Server delivers powerful collaboration and group communication tools to help you define, create, and administer groups in your organization--whether you are a new business just launching, or a workgroup in a large enterprise. The new Wiki in Leopard Server lets you gather, tag, and coordinate resources, people, and assets.


David Battino
2007-03-20 10:18:03
Designing and Developing Rich Media Web Kit-based Applications
Web Kit in Leopard introduces new features based on the latest open standards for delivering richer client-side and server-side web applications. Explore advanced development techniques for designing rich user experiences in your Web application. Learn advanced uses for incorporating CSS3, SVG, resolution independence, and rich media.

Professional Audio Input and Output with Leopard

Discover Leopard's support for the recently-approved USB Audio Device 2.0 class specification and how to write spec-compliant descriptors for your high-speed USB audio device. Find out how to unleash the power of FireWire peer-to-peer networking using Leopard's all-new FireWire audio drivers and enhanced Audio/Video Control (AV/C) media services. Learn how to implement user interfaces and vendor-specific AV/C commands to control your audio device.

The Encoding Process In Depth

Knowledge of encoding principles is the key to high quality content. The session will walk through the entire compression workflow for delivery of content to the Web, iPod and Apple TV. Learn the tools, codecs, and best practices for creating stunning digital audio and video, as well as techniques for automating your workflow using AppleScript and Compressor.

Incidentally, the list is very nicely presented.

Mike Abdullah
2007-03-20 10:18:50
"Designing and Extending the Mac OS X Blog Experience" sounds interesting, where exactly are Apple taking iWeb then?

"Creating Custom Installers with Leopard's New PackageMaker" - what be these "automatic Internet download packages?"

"Interface Builder 3.0: Creating an Interface from Start to Finish" - didn't realise we were getting a new file format for NIB files.

"Refactoring in Xcode: Automatic Project-wide Code Changes" - really looking forward to this capability

"Getting the Most from Cocoa Bindings" - yes! New Tree controller.

Of course there's loads of other cool stuff there, but that's what jumps out at me.

2007-03-20 10:37:51
Mike: thanks for pointing out the Blog Experience one, I'd missed that. Where indeed for iWeb?
Chris Adamson
2007-03-20 12:50:26
One thing that caught my eye, naturally, were the QuickTime sessions. Or should I say the QTKit sessions. QTKit, the Cocoa wrapper around QuickTime, gets a session and a lab, while other approaches to QuickTime -- the old procedural-C API, QuickTime for Java, and QuickTime on Windows -- are nowhere to be seen. Given also that QTKit has already announced some capabilities that won't be available to procedural-C QuickTime programmers, like running in 64-bit mode, there's a pretty strong implication that QTKit is the future of media programming on Mac OS X.

Also noted the "AJAX Methodologies for QuickTime Development". This is another thing you see Apple doing, playing up the JavaScript support that's long been in the QuickTime plug-in (though it was broken in the first few versions of Safari) as a sort of hipster Ajax play. Considering I've seen content sites dropping QuickTime, Real, and Windows Media in favor of Flash, this seems like a curious rear-guard action. I understand it, but it seems a little cynical and desperate and I'm not sure anyone's going to buy in.