BSD Booth at OSCON

by Dru Lavigne

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I'm excited that there will be a BSD booth at this year's OSCON. Even more so that I'll be helping to man it and this will be my first trip to the West coast and my first OSCON.

There's some funny quirks that come with being involved in Open Source. One of these is the fact that you can work very closely, often for hours at a time on a near daily basis, with people you've never met in person. Conventions are a great way to address this and give the opportunity to put faces and personalities to email addresses and IM accounts. They also give the opportunity to talk one-on-one; this is the primary reason why I'm the first to volunteer whenever a booth or registration desk needs to be manned.

I'd like to see all of the BSD projects represented at the booth. So far, FreeBSD and PC-BSD are well represented and will have lots of promotional material. We could use some more volunteers representing NetBSD and OpenBSD as we only have one volunteer so far from each project. We haven't heard back from Dragonfly BSD yet. I'll also be handing out information about BSD Certification and the flyer for BSD Success Stories.

If anyone is interested in putting in a few hours of booth time or can bring copies of flyers, CDs or other promotional material, please drop me an email to make arrangements. Also let me know if you're aware of any other BSD related projects that may be interested.

If you're attending OSCON or are in the Portland, Oregon area on Aug. 3 or 4, be sure to stop by the BSD booth and say hi. It will be in the Exhibit Hall which is free of charge.