BSD Success Stories

by Dru Lavigne

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For those of you that missed my October 23 posting to the various *BSD mailing lists, the BSD Success Stories have been formatted into a downloadable PDF and are available for distribution.

You can also download and distribute the advertising flier from here .

Both PDFs are freely distributable and you are encouraged to print out copies for conferences, install-a-thons, your place of work, or wherever else your BSD advocacy efforts take you.

The initial response has been tremendous. The day I made the announcement to the mailing lists, I received over two dozen requests to host copies of the PDFs. The PDFs are now being hosted all over the globe and you are welcome to host your own copy and advertise its existence as your bandwidth limitations allow.

There are also efforts to translate the stories into Portuguese and German and I'll provide the URLs for the translated versions once they are available. If you translate the stories into any other language, drop me an email with the URL so others can be made aware of your efforts.

Several readers also contacted me to report that the Success Stories have already proved useful in their own advocacy efforts. More than one sysadmin was able to convince a previously reluctant manager to try out a test BSD system. Here's to many more Success Stories.