BSDCan Thursday night Registration

by Dru Lavigne

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On Thursday afternoon, I trotted down to a local pub to join those who were already in town for the developer's conference for lunch. I again met Greg Lehey who was taking a break from his tutorial on Debugging Kernel Problems.

Bill Moran was the first registrant to arrive. As we caught up on life since BSDCan 2004, he helped my daughter and myself prepare the registration packs. We were soon joined by Shawn from Drummondville who also pitched in.

Around suppertime, the pub started to get livelier as those attending the developer's summit returned for supper and registrants started to filter in. It was nice to see faces I had met last year return for another BSDCan.

Over supper I had a chance to meet three fellows from Poland, including Pawel, the author of gmirror, a software RAID 1 solution introduced with FreeBSD 5.3. I had a chance to implement gmirror earlier this year and an article on it will appear later on this year in the FreeBSD Basics column. Pawel will also be speaking at MeetBSD in June. The other 2 fellows will be attending as well so it's nice to know that I'll recognize some faces when I visit the beautiful city of Cracow.

Being an early-bird and knowing that the first day of BSDCan would be long and exciting, I headed back home around 9 for a good night's sleep.