Building IronPython Beta 9 on Mono

by M. David Peterson

Update: via an update to this same mentioned thread, Seo Sanghyeon reports -

> IronPython nt module now uses Marshal.GetHRForException method which
> is not yet implemented in Mono. I filed Mono bug #78839 for this and
> linked a patch that fixes the problem for me.

Fixed in Mono revision 62550. That was fast.

I'd say I'd have to agree :)

Seo has also built an archive index of all of his reports in regards to each Beta release, and building this release on Mono. On this same site, there are several how-to's and a solid line-up of Python modules to help get you going with IronPython.

Thanks Seo!

[Original Post]
Seo Sanghyeon is one of the more high profile users found reporting bugs, and building solutions, on the IronPython users list. He has dedicated himself to ensuring a smooth running IronPython runtime for the Mono platform.

For example,

[IronPython] IronPython 1.0 Beta 9 on Mono

After applying a patch for #78839, IronPython 1.0 Beta 9 works nicely with Mono.It passes my informal battery of tests which you can get here. I must automate running this... Again, many thanks to hard-working Mono team, in addition to incredible IronPython team.

Seo Sanghyeon

Please follow the above link for a complete list of instructions and links to the single necessary patch for IronPython Beta 9 to both compile and run on top of the Mono platform.

Seo represents another fine example of the results that take place when you involve your community with the development and testing/debugging process.

Like Seo suggests, my hat goes off to both the Mono-Project developers and the IronPython development team at Microsoft.

My hat also goes off to Seo. Seo is the perfect model representation of how the symbiotic relationship between the corporate software development world, and the community of software developers in which use their products, both can, and quite obviously does, work.

Thanks Seo!