@Bungee Labs: Bungee Connect Intern DevFest Begins!

by M. David Peterson

I'm @ Bungee Labs today, tonight (*ALL NIGHT*) and into tomorrow morning as a judge for the Bungee Connect WideLens Intern DevFest. I plan to keep this post updated with progress from the event -- action shot pics and comments from the joy, anger, laughter, frustration, etc. that takes place in the world of competitive application development. There are nine CS students from across the planet here in Orem, UT. Four of them gain a spot as an intern here @ Bungee Labs this summer, so the stakes are high.

Pics of the potential interns follow, led by a pic of the VP of Community here @ Bungee Labs, Alex Barnett,


Dave Nielsen
2008-02-29 11:48:57
"Competitive application development" - Sounds like highly-caffeinated, all-night fun. Just beware of the hang-over! ;-)
M. David Peterson
2008-02-29 12:24:26
@ Dave,

>> Just beware of the hang-over!

Amen to that! :D