Bungee Labs: Web Services, Web Browsers, and *THE* WebDev Tool of the Future Here and Now

by M. David Peterson

A couple of months back I got a *TOP SECRET* invite from a *TOP SECRET* laboratory located in a *TOP SECRET* location here in Utah to gain a *SNEAK* pre-view of a *TOP SECRET* browser-based web services development tool. For now, we'll call this tool "Frank."

Me: So, "Frank", tell all the Land'OXML about yourself.

Frank: My names BUNGEE, you phreak. Stop calling me Frank!

Me: *WHOA* Frank! You can't tell them your real name! You've signed an NDA!

Frank: No, *YOU* signed an NDA. I can say anything I want.

Me: Wow. Little snippy today, aren't we Frank?


Me: Well okay then, Frank.

Frank: BUNGEE!

Me: Frank? Didn't you just say that it was I that was under NDA and not you? Wouldn't that mean that you can call yourself anything you want, but I can't?

Frank: That's a good point. I'll give you that one.

Me: Thanks! :D I like points. How many did I get?

Frank: Don't push your luck.

Me: Okay.

Me: So "Frank", since my tongue is still bound by the legal system, why don't you tell the good people in Land'OXML about yourself.

Frank: Okay. Well, I'm 6 feet tall, Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes, and

Me: Frank. That's not what I meant. How about telling them about -- you know -- who you are, what you do for a living, if you happen to be giving any free seminars in San Francisco tomorrow (the 22nd) and in Orem, Utah on the 29th, and for those who want to get their mind blown with a sneak preview of the next generation of web services development tools to shoot Brad (bradATbungeelabs.com) a *TOP SECRET* email with the code word,

"Frank sent me..."

as the subject.

Frank: Well I would, but *YOU JUST DID ALREADY*

Me: Oh, well... hmmm... That's a good point. Frank, question: Did I just break my NDA?

Frank: Just give me the mic.

Me: Okay.

Frank: So, a little about myself,


David Elton
2007-03-24 01:25:46
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