Bush: Clap Me or no EU Speech

by Marc Hedlund

Related link: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/allnews/page.cfm?objectid=12713155&method=full&site…

This article from a British paper (via interesting people) claims that President Bush pulled out of a speech to the EU Parliament because organizers refused to guarantee him a standing ovation. Here's hoping this is a false report, but it would certainly fit the pattern of Mayberry Machiavellism.

When Bush was campaigning, much was made about his MBA and experience in the corporate world. Apparently he's making a classic mistake from that world, much as corporate managers do: confusing obedience for respect. Many managers believe it is their job to get an employee to do what they say; that is, to obey them. In fact the best managers resort to direct orders only when all else has failed. It is far more effective to earn the respect of the people who work for you, and tell them what you want them to do. If employees respect the manager enough, they will make the manager's goals their own goals, and do a better job than if ordered.

President Bush "manages" the world's most powerful nation. If he pushes hard enough and bribes aggressively enough, perhaps he can compel the EU Parliament to stand and slap their hands together for him. A standing ovation, though, can only be earned.


2003-03-13 15:51:34
Spot on off topic
Thank you for writing this. We're living in a world where it's becoming less and less ok to say what you think during work hours. This message proves that O'Reilly is a Cluetrain company that let people voice their own opinions (and with prime placement as well:-)
Keep it up Marc.


2003-03-14 16:54:49
What does this have to do with XML?

Say whatever you want, but geez at least put SOMETHING in there remotely related to what you write about.

2003-04-03 02:16:44
British newspapers
The Mirror isn't exactly a high-quality publication, it's a left wing tabloid prone to what might charitably be called exaggeration.

I like the story though, I'm afraid it could easily be true...