Businesses Promoting Open Source Software Development

by Jeremy Jones

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If I'm reading the link I've referenced right, if you submit a patch to the TurboGears project (a web development framework for the Python language) for one of the bugs with a "Develix" keyword and the patch gets accepted, Develix will reward the patch submitter with one year of free hosting.

I assume that it's somehow important enough to Develix that these specific bugs get fixed that they are willing to set a bounty so that someone will fix them. If this is the case, it's a win-win for the community. Develix gets some pertinent bugs fixed for a relatively low cost, the patcher gets free hosting, and the community gets the same bugs fixed, as well.


2006-01-19 04:45:30
Even better...
These aren't even bugs chosen by Develix. Cliff offered the bounty as a way to help get 0.9 out quicker. (And we've gotten a few patches already, so it's working.)

This also gives a bit of marketing to Develix, which is a good thing for business.

2006-01-19 05:12:18
Even better...
Ha! I didn't notice the subject you used until now. I was going to reply, "Even Better". Excellent.