BusinessVoIP Integration in Prophecy 8

by Moshe Yudkowsky

I saw many interesting speech technology and telephony-related innovations at SpeechTek last week, but here's one that's at the top. Jonathan Tyler, CEO of Voxeo, gave me a personal demo of their new integrated BusinessVoIP service.

Some background. Voxeo is a hosted services provider for speech recognition, text-to-speech, and related services. They handle both inbound and outbound calls. Voxeo also provides a free download of their SIP-based platform, called Prophecy, and they just released version 8. (Disclosure: Voxeo and I have a business relationship, and many of my clients use their hosted and server platforms.)

For some time Voxeo has been providing BusinessVoIP to allow developers to send/receive PSTN traffic, but with this new release they include a new level of integration. If you go online to your hosted account and select an application that's hosted, you can determine how the traffic for this hosted application is routed: to the hosted platform; to your servers; or it can be routed to your servers with an overflow/failover to the hosted platform.

Not bad for a free-to-developers service. I'm looking forward to the full rollout of this service; it solves the problem of hosted vs. servers very neatly.