Bye Bye Beta

by Daniel H. Steinberg

We just posted the eighth edition of our podcast Distributing the Future. This episode centers loosely around the theme Attention Span . After experimenting with a long form around a single theme last time in Security, DRM, and Sony, we've returned to more of a magazine format.

It's been a fun few months experimenting with equipment, format, frequency, delivery methods, and writing styles. We launched the podcast as a "Beta" feature and planned to keep it as beta for the rest of the year. Recently we've played with adding a listener line to accept phone calls and this week Jamie experimented with the style we've been using in the show notes.

We aren't going to stop experimenting but we are (perhaps arbitrarily) taking the beta label off as we planned at the end of the year. Drop me a line if you have ideas for topics we should tackle, people or projects we should cover, styles we should experiment with.

I sat down with Surj Patel yesterday and talked to him about what's happening in VOIP. The potential is pretty astounding and it might be fun to see what we can embrace in the O'Reilly podcasts. In addition we talked to Surj about the cool things he has lined up for the Emerging Telephony conference outside of San Francisco at the end of January.

One of the most enjoyable parts about the weekly (roughly weekly) podcast is that it gives me an opportunity to merge together parts of my life that have always been separate - my old days working in radio and my current gig working in technology. Thanks to Bruce Stewart for helping me launch this project and for helping tune and support it.

Where should we head post-beta?