Bye Bye Palm OS, Hello ALP?

by Todd Ogasawara

Access Co. Ltd., who bought Palm OS last year, changed the Palm OS name to Access Linux Platform (ALP).


Jochen Wolters
2006-02-17 16:01:51
Considering, that the latest Treo smartphones already use Windows Mobile, I'm afraid Palm, the hardware maker, will opt for Redmond bloat.
2006-02-19 21:23:19
ALP is just the code name for the OS that PalmSource announced that it was working on back in May at their DevCon. PalmSource hasn't said what the final name of the OS is going to be, but I sure hope it's better than ALP.

FWIW, it appears that ALP is much like with Apple did with shifting to BSD as it's core, but still keeing the Mac GUI. Instead, this is the Palm GUI on Linux.