Cable VoIP Surging

by Bruce Stewart

Om has pulled out the two most impressive statistics from a recent study by Cable Data News about VoIP adoption: North American cablecos now have almost 4.7 million VoIP customers, and are signing up new ones at the very impressive rate of 11,000 per day. According to the study the cable companies have signed up over a million new VoIP customers in the second quarter alone.

Its long been widely recognized that the cable companies were the best poised to pull off the fabled "triple play" and study after study lately is confirming that they're making the most headway in getting customers to buy bundles of voice, data, and tv. I know that in my neck of the woods Comcast has started aggressively marketing their VoIP services and triple play bundles. As Om notes, the pressure is really heating up on the telcos. It's going to be interesting to see if they're going to survive in this climate and be able to hang on to their telephone customers amidst growing competition and pricing pressure.