Call for implementations: UBL input specifications

by Micah Dubinko

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An initial version of the UBL input specifications is now ready for interested parties to begin developing against.

What is this? A Part of OASIS's continued work on the Universal Business Language. It comprises 'everything a form author needs to know to become productive with UBL' and is analogous to the earlier work on XSL output specifications done by the remarkable G. Ken Holman.

What does this mean? If you are in a position to do some forms work, be it XForms, classic HTML forms, PDF, InfoPath, OpenOffice, XML Spy, OpenLaszlo, Flex, Backbase, LiquidOffice, Microsoft Word, whatever, have a look at the spec itself, currently in wiki format.

I am coordinating various implementation efforts here.

Even if you're not equipped for forms development, you might enjoy reading about this as a data-modeling exercise.

A future revision of these specifications, in a more conventional multiple-page HTML format, will be included as an informative annex to UBL. Now is the time to try these out and provide vital feedback.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Are you able to implement these specs?