Call For Participation: Conversations-as-a-(Web)-Service

by M. David Peterson

I'll keep this short: Decentralized Conversations-as-a-(Web)-Service. Interested? Can you write code?

If += yes here's the rules,

*ALL* code will be released under a Creative Commons Attribution License. In other words, the only requirement is that whomever uses the code you might write gives you attribution. They can close the source, hide it in a dark corner of the Internet, and in other ways never be required to give back in the same way that you gave. In fact, some people might attempt to steal your code and call it their own.

Are you okay with that?

If += yes,


2008-01-02 19:40:50
Mark David,

I have only been asking you for months now!


M. David Peterson
2008-01-03 13:47:51

>> I have only been asking you for months now!

I know, I know... The guilt's been killing me! :D Been bogged down with and am only just now resurfacing. Will shoot you an email later this evening...

2008-01-12 04:30:48
Is your email still out?
I am still waiting.....
M. David Peterson
2008-01-12 17:54:29

After getting the "Could not be delivered" emails to your @opendomains address, I sent a follow-up to your hotmail but never heard back. Did you not get it?