Call for proposals -- Perl Foundation Grants

by Curtis Poe

My apologies for not writing much lately. I've just moved from the USA to Nottingham, UK. The whirlwind of settling into a new job, trying to find an apartment (ahem, "flat"), and learning how to type on a British keyboard has been quite a distraction for the last few weeks. Now, on with the show!

Have you wanted to contribute to the open-source community but you need a bit of incentive? If you have an idea for doing some work for the Perl community and you think it's worthy of a grant, please send your grant application to Grant applications must be in by the last day of July and we will be awarding the grants at the beginning of September.

First, please read about how to submit a grant. Read that carefully as grants are often rejected if they don't meet the criteria. For example, if you want to submit improvements to a well-known project but there's no evidence that you have at least tried to work with the maintainers of that project, the grant will likely not be approved. You can also read through our rules of operation for a better idea of thee grant process.


Roger Weeks
2006-07-03 10:20:56
Curtis, I have a question for you:

How did you go about getting a job in the UK/EU, as a US citizen? (I'm assuming you're a US citizen.)

I tried to do this once back in 2002 and didn't have a whole lot of success.

Feel free to email me directly, my contact email is listed on my ORA author page.

2006-07-03 12:59:53
Just because folks keep asking, here's my advice for moving to the UK (applies to most countries, though).