CamiScript: a session-saver (and more) for Camino

by Giles Turnbull

We Camino users can sometimes come across as a little smug about our niche browser, which we think is the best browser on OS X despite the fact that it lacks features widely considered essential on other browsers.

Primary among these is the ability to save a browsing session and return to it later, something I myself have cursed aloud about in the past.

I need curse no more, thanks to the wondrous CamiScript add-on from the same guy who made CamiTools, the prepanes that make using Camino an even nicer experience.

Here's the default CamiScript menu
CamiScript default menu

CamiScript includes the session-saver (just hit Option+Command+Q to save the current session and quit) and much more besides, with plenty of scope for more scripts to come. All I can say is: yippee.


2006-01-16 05:30:21
Thanks for the tip. Camino is definitely awesome.