Can XML Be The Same After W3C XML Schema?

by Richard Monson-Haefel

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While this article by Eric van der Vlist doesn't explicitly discuss SOAP, it indirectly addresses an important problem with SOAP today: SOAP RPC Encoding is misaligned with XML Schema. SOAP Encoding provides an object-graph view of data, which allows for references but doesn't provide strict typing for complex types. XML Schema, on the other hand, provides a tree view which doesn't support references but does provide strict typing for both simple and complex types. Depending on the data model used (Encoding vs. XML Schema) our view of the data changes. This is an issue I'm grappling with while writing my next book on J2EE Web Services. Anyway, I recommend that you read the article, which doesn't discuss the SOAP issue just mentioned but does discuss how schemas influence our perceptions of data.