Can you live in web apps alone?

by Giles Turnbull

O'Reilly has just published a new PDF edocument, Your Life in Web Apps, written by yours truly.

In it, I outline how we reached the point we're at now - with some web apps so good that people have enough confidence in them to ditch equivalent desktop software completely - and what the risks and pitfalls of using webapps are.

There's also several pages exploring the current state of the web apps landscape, looking at what's available in various categories.

I also detail what happened when I took the plunge and tried to spend an entire day working solely in my browser. A lot of things worked - but some things didn't.

This edocument (I'm reluctant to call it an ebook - it's only 22 pages) is not for people who already have Google Calendar set up to remind them to check every morning; it's for people who've heard all the buzz but not had the time or inclination to go exploring for themselves. It's for people who like the idea of using some web apps, but don't want to risk their time or their data without being sure that the investment is worthwhile.

So if you, your boss, your spouse or your neighbour have ever pondered on the benefits (and drawbacks) of switching to Gmail or getting hold of a Backpack account, you might find it useful reading.

Your Life in Web Apps is available from O'Reilly PDFs and costs $5.99 or £3.99. I hope you enjoy reading it, and I'd be delighted to hear your feedback.