Canada on Rails Speakers Announced

by Robby Russell

The list of speakers for Canada on Rails was announced a few days ago. This will be the first Rails-specific conference of its kind and will take place from April 13-14, 2006 in Vancouver B.C.

Here is a list of the scheduled speakers:

1. David Hansson, creator of Ruby on Rails
2. Thomas Fuchs, creator of
3. Dave Astels, published author on Test Driven Development
4. David Black, creator of SCANF.rb, RCRArchive
5. Joe O'Brien, developer with ThoughtWorks
6. James Adam, creator of Rails-Engines
7. Steven Baker, creator of RSPEC
8. Michael Buffington, cofounder of, co-architect of
9. Robby Russell, founder of PLANET ARGON
10. Geoffrey Grosenbach, host of Ruby on Rails Podcast
11. Kyle Shank, lead developer of RadRails and Rubish
12. Jeremy Voorhis, lead architect at PLANET ARGON
13. Alex Bunardzic, founder of Jooto
14. Sebastian Kanthak, creator of FileColumn plugin
15. Amy Hoy, future author of a "Right-Brained Guide" to Ruby on Rails

Take a look at the schedule and register today!

Yes, I will be speaking there. :-) The title of my talk is, "Sneaking Rails Into The (Legacy) System."

Hope to see you there!


Gregory Brown
2006-01-23 22:19:00
Neat! I'll be there.

Looking forward to your talk.