Canada on Rails Wrap-up

by Nathaniel S. H. Brown

280 people showed up for Canada on Rails, the sold-out, first ever, Ruby on Rails conference in Vancouver, BC this past weekend.

The talks were superb. And I was really impressed with the way everything turned out, and truely couldn't have asked for better feedback from the attendees.

Those who attended, may have noticed a few cameras rolling while the presentations were going on. I didn't get a chance to mention it during the event itself, but there is a DVD in the works that will be released within the next 3 months or so (aiming for RailsConf). The discs will be jam packed with all the media (audio/video/stills/etc) we collected during the two days of talks.

So for all those that missed this event and are interested in getting notified when the DVD is out, sign up for the newsletter on and we will be in touch with you the moment more info is available.

If you want to check out some of the photos that were taken during the event, head on over to Flickr.

Thanks again for everyone that made it out, and see you all in Europe, for Italy on Rails this Fall.

UPDATE: If anyone has posted a summary of the Canada on Rails YVR06 Conference, please send a trackback to this post so there is a collection of thoughts people can reference at ease.


Lawrence Oluyede
2006-04-17 18:23:59
I'm looking forward for the Italian conference :)
2006-04-23 21:22:34
You can also check out my summary of the Canada on Rails event on my blog, I also have bootleg audio of DHH's talk "Where will rails be riding next?". (actually the audio is posted with permission from David so I guess it is not technically bootleged)

2006-06-06 10:36:13
Here you say that the maximum number of attendees was 300. How is 280 "sold out"?
2006-06-06 13:33:10
I revisited the numbers, and with everyone that attended, including staff, and speakers. Originally there were 280 seats sold due to capacity, but an additional block of seats was added half way though which was likely due to people sneaking in without paying. If you attended, you would have noticed all the people standing when we started, this was due to extra people taking seats without paying for them.

Although, both numbers are best estimates, the latter is the my best estimate as of now.