Canon Woes

by Erica Sadun

On Sunday I took out my Canon S410, turned it on, and received the dreaded E18 error. After googling frantically, I was able to pinpoint the problem as a misadjusted lens housing. I adjusted the lens casing by hand until it clicked into place and the error went away. For now.

So I'm about to go and start taking pictures when I notice that there's already pics on the memory card. Quite a few pictures, in fact. All of them taken from the strangest point of view--just a couple of feet off the ground.

Thus, I offer to you a Toddlers-Eye view of my house through the magic of iPhoto and iTunes. And yes, I did have to clean itty bitty finger prints off the lens and LCD screen.


Chris Adamson
2006-05-02 11:35:26
Great slide show. What's the music (sounds like "Star Wars"?)
Erica Sadun
2006-05-02 11:40:26
Music is from a royalty free collection I bought as part of a Camcorder hobby "kit" at the dollar store. I have no clue who it's by and the disc gives no hints.
2006-05-02 18:25:01
Actually it sounds more like Phillip Glass than Johann Williams. Almost sounds like the Plutonium Ode.
J. P. Kang
2006-05-02 20:35:18
I know this is going to happen to us with our little one soon. (Given the error, I'm pretty sure one of your little ones must've dropped the camera... but at least not from a great height. Hope it's OK!)
David Battino
2006-05-03 00:03:38
That’s really funny. I especially liked the way you aligned the sudden ceiling shot with a dramatic hit in the soundtrack. It would be interesting to see how more cheerful music would affect the vibe.