Canon's Digital Photo Professional for .CR2 Raw Files

by Derrick Story

When I discovered that I couldn't use iPhoto 5 or Bridge for .CR2 Raw files from the new Canon 5D DSLR, I had to start looking for workflow workarounds. I decided to start with what's right under my nose: Canon's "Digital Photo Professional" (version 2.0) that was included on my bundled Solution Disk (version 11.0).

After testing the Raw files I shot at the Apple "One More Thing..." event, I concluded that Canon's software was pretty good for browsing and rating my images, but not as enjoyable as Camera Raw for editing them. And that's the workflow I'm using at the moment: Canon DPP for browsing and sorting and Adobe Camera Raw for the actual editing.

I've published more detail about this, plus a cool group shot of Steve Jobs and Wynton Marsalis.


2005-10-14 05:30:18
Success with Bridge
A quick note on Adobe Bridge... If you download the latest version of Camera Raw plug-in (v 3.2) and put it here:

/Library/Application\ Support/Adobe/Plug-Ins/CS2/File\ Formats/Camera\ Raw.plugin

You can view Canon 5D .CR2 files in Bridge. When I first tested this it didn't work. After a restart it did...